Penalizing the real estate market through an increase in interest rates in 2013?  14/01/2013

We have seen that the fall in interest rates for real estate loans as well as their increase in duration could explain between 20% and 30% of the rise in prices since they increased households’ buying power by about 50%. Of course, the opposite also applies: a rise in interest rates and a fall in loan duration reduce their purchasing power. Unfortunately, everything indicates an increase in the cost of short-term credit (beginning 2013) as we now analyze...


GEAB N°89 - Contents

- Published on November 15, 2014 -

Global systemic crisis 2015 – The dynamics of the future distance Europe from the rationale of a Western camp war
What Alibaba’s stock exchange IPO tells us
Chinese-style globalization resumes
Europe-Russia: how much longer will we be the fall-guy?
Europe in full denial of reality
EU-Russia energy dependence
Towards an unblocking of the Ukrainian crisis
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The curtain is rising on the shale oil scam
Revolution or scam?
Fracking and covering the tracks
From a global petrodollar market to a closed Western petrodollar submarket
The oil industry crisis2015 : major risk in the oil markets
2015 : major risk in the oil markets

Decoding: The flow of money
The carry-trade
Easy profit…
… risky profit
Emerging markets
Japan and Europe as the saviors of the Dollar

Investments, trends and recommendations

Global Eurometer
Results and analysis : Roundup remarks November 2014