Moscow to be part of July talks over Kiev's pact with EU  27/06/2014

Russia said on Thursday it had finally got Brussels and Kiev to include it in talks over a landmark association agreement between Ukraine and the EU to be signed this week...


A Euro-BRICS joint statement on the Ukrainian crisis - Three strategic proposals  27/06/2014

We[1], the undersigned members of civil society in Europe and the BRICS (academic professors and researchers, think-tank leaders, journalists, business representatives, civil society representatives), declare our common worry about the trends currently at play resulting from the crisis in Ukraine...


Global opinion shifting toward Argentina  27/06/2014

Argentina continued to garner international solidarity in its struggle against holdout hedge funds yesterday, with the country receiving explicit support from the United Nations, global media outlets, and diplomats...

Buenos Aires Herald

Germans oppose permanent NATO base in Poland and Baltics: poll  27/06/2014

Nearly three quarters of Germans would oppose NATO having permanent NATO military bases in eastern Europe as requested by Poland and the Baltic states because of a perceived threat from Russia, according to a new poll released on Wednesday...


Kazakh Senate nod to Russia-China oil transit  27/06/2014

Kazakhstan’s Senate ratified an agreement Thursday between the Central Asian nation and Russia on cooperation in transporting Russian oil to China...

The BRICS Post

African Union says progressing to military force by end-2015  26/06/2014

Africa is making progress towards a regional military force by the end of next year, a senior African Union official said on Wednesday, as local leaders urged less reliance on foreign intervention...


China to host International Silk Road belt conference  26/06/2014

Chinese President Xi Jinping, during his visit to Central and Southeast Asian countries last fall, put forward the two initiatives of building an economic belt along the ancient Silk Road and a 21st century Maritime Silk Road...

The BRICS Post

Federal judge rules U.S. no-fly list violates Constitution  26/06/2014

The decision hands a major victory to the 13 plaintiffs - four of them veterans of the U.S. military - who deny they have links to terrorism and say they only learned of their no-fly status when they arrived at an airport and were blocked from boarding a flight...


Die größten Aktionäre der Welt  26/06/2014

Der systematische Betrug von etlichen Protagonisten der Finanzbranche ist erschreckend und scheint endlos zu sein. Nach und nach kommen immer wieder neue Betrugsvorwürfe ans Licht der Öffentlichkeit:...


La bourse de Toronto est suracheté suite  26/06/2014

Ce qui supporte les marchés présentement, c’est une rotation entre les secteurs, selon l’analyste de la Financière. Toutefois, il perçoit une certaine détérioration technique du marché, et dans ce contexte, une correction du marché est susceptible de se produire à tout moment, selon lui...

Les Affaires

UK Treasury opens books on inaugural sukuk  26/06/2014

The United Kingdom is making a debut in the sukuk market on Wednesday, in what will be the first Sharia-compliant bond from a western sovereign. Acting through HM Treasury, the Aa1/AAA/AA+ rated five-year sukuk is being marketed at flat to 2bp area over the 1.75% July 2019 Gilt...


US GDP shrinks 2.9% in first quarter  26/06/2014

The US economy suffered its worst performance for five years in the first quarter of 2014, latest figures show. The economy shrank at an annualised rate of 2.9% in the first three months of the year, the third estimate from the US Commerce Department showed...


Malgré les déceptions, Bruxelles poursuit ses négociations commerciales avec Tokyo  26/06/2014

La prochaine cession de négociations se tiendra, dans la capitale japonaise, dans la semaine du 7 juillet. Mais les débats pourraient durer encore plusieurs années...

Les Echos

Deja vu as Belgian coalition talks break down  26/06/2014

One month after national elections in Belgium, the process of forming a new government is going nowhere. The lead negotiator and chairman of the Flemish nationalist N-VA party, Bart De Wever, returned his mandate to form a government to the king on Wednesday (25 June)...


China expands plans for World Bank rival  25/06/2014

China is expanding plans to establish a global financial institution to rival the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, which Beijing fears are too influenced by the US and its allies...

Financial Times

Could U.S., Iran work together in Iraq? Maybe, officials say  25/06/2014

The United States could end up cooperating with Iran to stop militant gains in Iraq, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested Monday in an interview with Yahoo!News...


Why France is reluctant to act against ISIS in Iraq  25/06/2014

Despite the joint communiques, there are differences behind the scenes between France and the US over how best to respond to ISIS’s jihadist threat, with France unlikely to offer any military aid without UN approval...


Currencies and the collapse of globalization  25/06/2014

We live in stirring times. The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, crossed the monetary policy Rubicon and cut one of the Euro area’s key interest rates into negative territory...

The Jakarta Post

Bond Market Has $900 Billion Mom-and-Pop Problem When Rates Rise  25/06/2014

It’s never been easier for individuals to enter some of the most esoteric debt markets. Wall Street’s biggest firms are worried that it’ll be just as simple for them to leave...


Sieren's China: China saves the Queen  25/06/2014

China is more important for Britain's future than the British like to admit, says DW columnist Frank Sieren...

Deustche Welle

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GEAB N°86 - Contents

- Published on June 17, 2014 -

Global systemic crisis – The Major Global Geopolitical Reconfiguration
After nearly 6 years of blocking the normal development of systemic transition, a blocking caused by a flood of dollars leading to a renewed artificial global addiction to the US dollar, history is now taking its course… (page 2)
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The US 2014-2015: the dominoes of pensions, Munis and the Dollar
Numerous cracks come from the outside: for example the challenge to US dominance by China and Russia. But, amongst the most serious cracks in the Dollar wall, is the market for US municipal bonds and the US pension system… (page 19)

Central Banks – What the coexistence of QE and deflation reveals about the Western financial system
Common sense (or rather economic sense) would expect that excessive use of the printing press, especially in the US and Japan, causes inflation – if not hyperinflation given the amount of money injected into the system. And yet, it’s nothing of the kind. Are deflation and the printing press conniving in the US? Or in Europe? How can that be possible? (page 25)

Investments, trends and recommendations
Blackmail in the BNP affair
« Sufficiently big to fine »
Alternative financial investments… (page 30)

GlobalEurometre - Results and analyses
Even if some financial issues, such as the risk of bank failures or the fear of losing one’s money, seem to be less worrying, for the first time in several months we are seeing signs of a weakening in confidence in the European currency… (page 35)