Le rôle ambigu de l’Egypte  17/07/2014

Le nouveau régime du Caire est aujourd’hui un ennemi déclaré du Hamas. Ce pays assure pourtant le rôle de médiateur...

Le Temps

The Coming Democratic Schism  17/07/2014

The Pew survey points up the emergence of a cohort of younger voters who are loyal to the Democratic Party, but much less focused on economic redistribution than on issues of personal and sexual autonomy...

New York Times

China’s Xi begins 2nd trip to Latin America, in sign of expanding role  16/07/2014

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday starts his second lengthy trip to Latin America in barely more than a year, showering attention on a region partially neglected by Washington and relishing China’s role as the biggest financier to Latin America.


Cristina to attend BRICS and UNASUR leaders´ meeting  16/07/2014

Some of the BRICS heads of state are already in Brasilia, among them Putin, who met with Rousseff to review a bilateral agenda. Most of the Presidents of UNASUR and of CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) will start arriving today...


BRICS bank helps stabilize global order  16/07/2014

Five years have passed since four heads of government from the BRIC countries convened in Yekaterinburg for the first summit. Soon after that meeting, many Western scholars openly expressed their pessimistic views toward the BRIC group, claiming that it wouldn't prevail due to large divergences among its member countries...

People's Daily

New BRICS bank to be based in China, India to have presidency  16/07/2014

Leaders of the BRICS group of emerging powers on Tuesday created a Shanghai-based development bank and a reserve fund seen as counterweights to Western-led financial institutions...

Times of India

PEUGEOT : Les analystes revoient leurs estimations à la hausse  16/07/2014

Confiants sur les perspectives de Peugeot, les analystes revoient leurs estimations de profit à la hausse. Le titre en profite en Bourse pour monter sur la première marche du SRD...

Les Echos

Nato puts brakes on enlargement  16/07/2014

Just like the European Union, it seems that Nato is also suffering from enlargement fatigue...


EP to vote down commission with too few women  16/07/2014

Speaking on Tuesday (15 July) after MEPs elected Jean-Claude Juncker to be European Commission President, Schulz said that the current three to four names circulating is not enough...


Did the “central banks’ central bank” just call for a stock-market collapse?  15/07/2014

Don’t look now, but the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is often referred to as the “central banks’ central bank”, just advised the world’s central banks to stage a market collapse now rather than later...


Cynk Tech, la flambée boursière d'une entreprise fantôme à Wall Street  15/07/2014

Contes de fées ou coquille vide? La start-up Cynk technologies, qui dit jouer les entremetteurs entre l'internaute et des célébrités, a flambé de plus de 24.000% en Bourse en quelques jours et pèse désormais près de 4 milliards de dollars...


Barroso faces Dalli at EU court in tobacco lobby case  15/07/2014

Five judges at the EU Court of Justice on Monday (7 July) cross-examined the president of the European Commission in the tobacco lobby scandal which saw health commissioner John Dalli leave in disgrace two years ago...


Quand les Etats-Unis font payer leur puissance  15/07/2014

L'amende astronomique que devra verser aux autorités étasuniennes la banque BNP Paribas révèle un véritable scandale juridique et politique : les lois d'embargo au nom desquelles les États-Unis entendent sanctionner tous ceux qui ne se conforment pas à leur politique étrangère...

Le Monde

The American Century is over: How our country went down in a blaze of shame  15/07/2014

The U.S. is facing a triple crisis — a crisis of foreign policy, a crisis of economics and a crisis of democracy. The American republic has renewed and rebuilt itself during even greater crises in the past, and can do so again. But the first step is to drop the happy talk and chest-thumping and flag-waving and be honest with ourselves about the severity of the problems confronting us...


L'Allemagne et les Etats-Unis « au seuil d'une guerre diplomatique »  15/07/2014

La presse allemande estime, vendredi 11 juillet, que la décision d'expulser le chef des services secrets américains en Allemagne constituait une vraie « césure » dans les relations entre les deux alliés et approuvait la chancelière, face à « l'arrogance » des Etats-Unis...

Le Monde

William Hague quits as a dozen ministers axed in cabinet reshuffle  15/07/2014

William Hague has stood down as David Cameron mounted a “cull of the middle-aged white men” in his biggest reshuffle since becoming Prime Minister...

The Telegraph

Philip Hammond: Eurosceptic with the stamina to take PM's fight to Brussels  15/07/2014

Philip Hammond is regarded by the top of the Conservative party as an impressive operator, who has presided over steep budget cuts, preparations for an exit from Afghanistan and a large redundancy programme at the Ministry of Defence without attracting too many negative tabloid headlines...

The Guardian

Inquiétude des Maliens après l’annonce de la fin de l'opération Serval  15/07/2014

C'en est officiellement fini de Serval. L'opération militaire française au Mali, lancée en janvier 2013, va être remplacée par Barkhane. Une opération plus large et permanente de lutte contre le terrorisme dans la région du Sahel...


Don't touch EU stability pact, warns ECB's Draghi  15/07/2014

Addressing MEPs on the Parliament's economic affairs committee in Strasbourg (14 July), Draghi said structural reforms combined with government spending cuts and lower taxes were the only route to restoring economic stability...


Demain, la chute du mur du Dollar  15/07/2014

Demain sera annoncée la signature de l'acte de création de la nouvelle Banque de Développement initiée par les pays BRICS, ainsi que celles de leur Fond de stabilisation des réserves monétaires. Il s'agit de la clé de voûte de notre anticipation politique sur l'émergence réussie du monde multipolaire...

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