"L'amende de BNP Paribas est une décision politique et non économique"  31/05/2014

BNP Paribas est accusée d'avoir contourné les règles d'embargo américaines concernant des transactions en dollars pour des clients tels que l'Iran, le Soudan, ou encore Cuba. Le montant énorme de l'amende, 10 milliards de dollars, vous semble-t-il cohérent ?


Merkel endorses Juncker after all  31/05/2014

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday (30 May) gave her first clear endorsement of Jean-Claude Juncker to become the next president of the EU commission, after criticism back home about EU leaders ignoring the democratic process...


US money slump flashes warnings as economy contracts  30/05/2014

The US economy contracted sharply in the first quarter and bond yields have been falling at the fastest rate since the recession scare two years ago, in signs that bond tapering by the Federal Reserve is biting more than anticipated...

The Telegraph

De l'Ukraine au Partenariat Transatlantique  30/05/2014

Puissance impériale la Russie ? Oui, toute la symbolique tsariste à travers l’héraldique et la réhabilitation du Staline héros de la Grande Guerre Patriotique en témoignent, ainsi que l’intense et efficace diplomatie de la Fédération. Puissance impérialiste, non,...


A leap to Kurdish independence  30/05/2014

The news that the self-ruled Kurdish region of northern Iraq started sending cargoes of its oil to the international crude market last week was surprising. The Iraqi Kurds have been smuggling oil discreetly to neighbouring Iran and Turkey for years, and recently credible reports suggested that the region had sold oil to Israel and the United States...

Al Ahram

Ukraine to sign EU trade treaty in June  30/05/2014

But he did not promise to sign the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) at a specific time and place, prompting concern he might fudge things to make a deal with Russia...


20 Spaniards Face 8 Years In Jail And Fines Of €150,000 For 2011 Catalan Parliament Protest  30/05/2014

The protest in question, “Stop Parliament”, took place on June 15, 2011, in Barcelona. Its aim was to protest against the approval of the regional government’s first austerity measures and the block modification of 80 regional laws...

The Spain Report

Drugs and prostitution to be included in UK national accounts  30/05/2014

George Osborne famously declared "we are all in this together" when it comes to Britain's prosperity. The Office for National Statistics has now taken him at his word, adding up the contribution made by prostitutes and drug dealers...

The Guardian

EU reaches compromise deal on GM crops: sources  30/05/2014

After years of fractious talks, EU states have finally reached a compromise to allow cultivation of genetically modified (GM) food crops by giving their opponents an opt out, official sources said Wednesday...


SAARC invite first step in Modi's vision of friendly cooperation: Sushma Swaraj  30/05/2014

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a vision for friendly cooperation with each of the Saarc countries and the invitation to leaders of all member nations for the swearing-in was a first step towards realizing this vision, said External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj upon assuming charge of her ministry Wednesday...

One India

Japanese Lawmakers to Lobby Abe for Russian Gas Pipeline  28/05/2014

Japanese lawmakers are reviving efforts for a 600 billion yen ($5.9 billion) natural gas pipeline from Russia, which last week signed a supply deal with China, to cut energy costs after the Fukushima nuclear disaster...


Euronext, gestionnaire de la Bourse de Paris, retrouve son indépendance  27/05/2014

Euronext, gestionnaire de la Bourse de Paris, est désormais en piste pour voler à nouveau de ses propres ailes après le lancement mardi du processus de son entrée en Bourse par son propriétaire actuel, l’opérateur boursier américain InterContinentalExchange (ICE)...


New EP will struggle to find majorities  27/05/2014

It will take days if not weeks for the political dust to settle after the EU vote but it is already clear that the new European Parliament will need to work harder to find majorities with discussions on issues such as migration and free trade deals set to become more polarised...


Vietnam accuses China of sinking fishing boat in disputed waters  27/05/2014

Officials in Hanoi have accused a Chinese boat of ramming and sinking a Vietnamese fishing vessel. It comes amid tensions over an oil rig Beijing has deployed in disputed South China Sea waters...

Deutsche Welle

Golf Market Stuck in Bunker as Thousands Leave the Sport  27/05/2014

Once the go-to activity for corporate bonding, the sport is suffering from an exodus of players, a lack of interest among millennials and the mass closure of courses. The tangled personal life of Tiger Woods, who for years was golf’s biggest ambassador, also hasn’t helped...


What broke Washington  27/05/2014

It’s time to stop taking Washington seriously. How likely is it that Congress will deal with unsustainable deficits, climate change, decrepit infrastructure, unaffordable health care, muddled immigration policy, obsolete laws, unmanageable civil service, rigged electoral districts . . . ?

Washington Post

The Tax Free Tour (VPRO, Marije Meerman)  26/05/2014

"Where do multinationals pay taxes and how much?" Gaining insight from international tax experts, Backlight director Marije Meerman ('Quants' & 'Money & Speed'), takes a look at tax havens, the people who live there and the routes along which tax is avoided globally...


Uncertainty in Libya  26/05/2014

Libya has been in turmoil over the past year. Since March, the country has had three Prime Ministers. Parliament’s term expired on February 7, but political uncertainty has stymied elections...

The Hindu

I’ll not allow militancy: Sisi  26/05/2014

Meanwhile, Sisi said Egypt will not allow armed turmoil in neighbouring Libya to threaten its national security, in an interview with the pan-Arab daily Asharq Al Awsat published on Saturday...

The Gulf Today

Petro Poroshenko claims victory in Ukraine presidential election  26/05/2014

Petro Poroschenko, a billionaire confectionery manufacturer, has claimed victory in Ukraine's presidential vote after exit polls showed a clear majority. He has vowed to bring peace to the country...

Deustche Welle

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GEAB N°86 - Contents

- Published on June 17, 2014 -

Global systemic crisis – The Major Global Geopolitical Reconfiguration
After nearly 6 years of blocking the normal development of systemic transition, a blocking caused by a flood of dollars leading to a renewed artificial global addiction to the US dollar, history is now taking its course… (page 2)
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The US 2014-2015: the dominoes of pensions, Munis and the Dollar
Numerous cracks come from the outside: for example the challenge to US dominance by China and Russia. But, amongst the most serious cracks in the Dollar wall, is the market for US municipal bonds and the US pension system… (page 19)

Central Banks – What the coexistence of QE and deflation reveals about the Western financial system
Common sense (or rather economic sense) would expect that excessive use of the printing press, especially in the US and Japan, causes inflation – if not hyperinflation given the amount of money injected into the system. And yet, it’s nothing of the kind. Are deflation and the printing press conniving in the US? Or in Europe? How can that be possible? (page 25)

Investments, trends and recommendations
Blackmail in the BNP affair
« Sufficiently big to fine »
Alternative financial investments… (page 30)

GlobalEurometre - Results and analyses
Even if some financial issues, such as the risk of bank failures or the fear of losing one’s money, seem to be less worrying, for the first time in several months we are seeing signs of a weakening in confidence in the European currency… (page 35)