Russia, Vietnam Take Steps Toward Free Trade Zone and Currency Settlements  23/09/2014

The creation of a free trade zone between the states of the Eurasian Customs Union and Vietnam is on schedule with a contract expected in January 2015, in addition to national currency settlements, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov told reporters at a meeting of the Russian- Vietnamese intergovernmental commission on Saturday...

RIA Novosti

Kazakhstan balanced between Ukraine and post-NATO Afghanistan  23/09/2014

Looking at the neighborhood around Kazakhstan on a spinning globe, the Central Asian nation's foreign minister sees both partnerships and peril in the form of the Russian-Ukraine crisis and the coming NATO pullout from Afghanistan by year end...


Britain gives Chinese renminbi a big endorsement  23/09/2014

Britain has advanced to the forefront of efforts to promote the renminbi USDCNY, -0.03% as an international currency with Friday’s announcement that the British government will become the first Western country to issue a sovereign bond in the Chinese currency...

Market Watch

South African central bank boss to step down  23/09/2014

The South African Reserve Bank's respected governor Gill Marcus on Thursday announced that she will not stay in the job after her term expires in November...


One in four Americans want their state to secede from the U.S., but why?  23/09/2014

For the past few weeks, as Scotland debated the wisdom of independence, Reuters has been asking Americans how they would feel about declaring independence today, not from the United Kingdom, but from the mother country they left England to create...


Russian hot money flows into Hong Kong after West slaps sanctions on Moscow  23/09/2014

Russian money is flowing into Hong Kong as investors look for a safe haven from Western sanctions – but investors are running into obstacles with banks, which are nervous about money laundering, analysts say...

South Morning China Post

La Chine, prochain eldorado pour la voiture électrique ?  20/09/2014

Les villes chinoises ont beau être saturées par la pollution atmosphérique, les voitures électriques y sont rares. Mais le vent tourne selon les constructeurs, qui tablent sur un marché potentiellement gigantesque, stimulé par des coups de pouce des autorités...


Catalonia to press ahead with referendum after Scottish No  20/09/2014

Catalan leader Artur Mas has said the Scottish referendum has reinforced his plan to hold a similar vote at home. Speaking in Barcelona on Friday (19 September), he noted that the devolved Catalan parliament is likely to pass a law on the referendum later the same day...


Tight EU borders fuel deadly smuggling business: Amnesty  19/09/2014

Tight EU border controls are fuelling the business of smugglers who allegedly sank a boat in the Mediterranean last week, killing 500 migrants on board, Amnesty International said Thursday...


Bank borrowing in new ECB loans programme disappoints  19/09/2014

"But the fact that banks have borrowed relatively little suggests that they have little intention of increasing their lending, either because of their own risk aversion, a lack of demand for loans, or most likely both."...


Europeans move towards watered-down 'Tobin' tax  19/09/2014

European finance ministers struggled to agree a long promised financial transaction tax on Saturday, with Germany urging a watered-down version amid resistance from France, eager to protect its lucrative derivatives trading sector...


Voices: Scotland will secede later, if not sooner  18/09/2014

In less than three generations, the United Kingdom has gone from defender of Europe against all odds to a shadow of its former imperial self. From India to Hong Kong, Africa to South America, the Union Jack that 100 years ago flew over territory representing one-fifth of the world's population has steadily faded. Now the flag might need to be physically altered entirely if Scotland bails...

USA Today

South Africa joins sukuk bond rush  18/09/2014

South Africa has joined Hong Kong and the UK to become the third non-Muslim country to sell government debt that adheres to Islamic law...

Financial Times

Why is Obama sending military to attack the Ebola virus?  18/09/2014

The tactics also raised some questions: why was Obama sending soldiers to fight off a virus? And why has he been characterizing this disease spread as a "security threat" and "security priority"?...


China Focus: China opens gold market to foreigners, seeks more pricing power  18/09/2014

Foreigners now have access to China's gold market after the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) launched its international board on Thursday...


Xi announces new aid for combating Ebola  18/09/2014

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced here Thursday an aid package of 200 million yuan (about 32.54 million U.S. dollars) for West African countries to combat Ebola, including Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea...


India ships in 50% more Iranian oil in January-August  18/09/2014

Indian imports of Iranian oil rose by nearly half to 271,000 barrels per day (bpd) in January-August from a year ago, when refineries cut purchases due to worries about insurance coverage for processing crude from Tehran, data from trade sources shows...

Times of India

US House backs plan to arm Syrian rebels  18/09/2014

US legislators have voted to authorise training and arming of vetted Syrian rebels to combat fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which controls large parts of Iraq and Syria...


For Netanyahu, another enemy at the gates  18/09/2014

Gideon Sa’ar’s stunning resignation is the most dramatic signal yet of a fundamental shift in Israelis’ political loyalties and behavior...

The Times of Israel

NRA loses commissioner who slowed Japan’s return to nuclear power  18/09/2014

Observers say the first reshuffle of the NRA’s panel since its establishment in 2012 could mark a turning point to see if the regulator can remain fair and independent...

Japan Times

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