Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Washington is ‘a threat’ to the Internet  13/03/2014

Silicon Valley companies like Facebook have been openly critical of the Obama administration for its surveillance practices. But that's apparently not enough for Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, who lashed out Thursday at Washington...

Washington Post

Racisme à tous les niveaux en Italie  13/03/2014

L'Italie en crise, ne semble pas prête à une réflexion profonde sur l'intégration. Nous tenterons de comprendre pourquoi. Et puis la campagne des européennes avec la nomination des chefs de file des partis...

Deutsche Welle

Drifting into Politics: Is Germany's High Court Anti-European?  13/03/2014

Germany's Federal Constitutional Court is one of the country's most formidable institutions. Yet recently it has faced criticism for its rulings on the euro and European unification. Have its justices crossed the line between jurisprudence and politics?...

Der Spiegel

UK supermarkets caught in dangerous middle ground  13/03/2014

The full extent of the problems facing the U.K.'s "big four" supermarket chains was underlined on Thursday, with a profit warning by WM Morrison sending shares in the sector sharply lower...


​Is there a way out of Ukrainian crisis?  13/03/2014

Under the inept leadership of President Barack Obama and the bumbling diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry, the US is stumbling towards Cuban Missile Crisis redux...


At least 1 killed, 10 seriously injured in east Ukraine clashes - reports  13/03/2014

At least one person died and 10 were taken to hospitals with injuries following clashes between rival rallies in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Reports said that eggs, fireworks and smoke grenades were used in the unrest...


US criticised by UN for human rights failings on NSA, guns and drones  13/03/2014

The US came under sharp criticism at the UN human rights committee in Geneva on Thursday for a long list of human rights abuses that included everything from detention without charge at Guantánamo, drone strikes and NSA surveillance, to the death penalty, rampant gun violence and endemic racial inequality...

The Guardian

Russia deploys 10,000 troops near Ukraine border  13/03/2014

Ukraine's prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has accused Russia of demonstrating unacceptable "military aggression" which has "no reason and no grounds"...

The Guardian

No easy fix for broken Brent oil benchmark  13/03/2014

The oil industry hopes Norway will bring plenty of new oil onstream to help fix the Brent benchmark as other solutions - such as adding Russian or Nigerian crude to the North Sea mix - pose too many risks, executives and traders said...


Europe fails to bridge divide on banks reform  13/03/2014

Europe appeared far away from making good its crisis pledge to tackle weak banks as lawmakers and country representatives failed on Wednesday to bridge differences over how to close down troubled lenders...


Cyprus central bank governor resigns  13/03/2014

The governor of the Cypriot central bank, Panicos Demetriades, on Monday (10 March) resigned after being investigated over a secret deal he negotiated with an American consultancy firm in connection with his country's €10bn bailout...


Global Banks’ Lending Falls 1.8% in Third Quarter, BIS Reports  13/03/2014

Lending by global banks fell by 1.8 percent in the third quarter of 2013, as loans to other banks shrank at the fastest rate in more than a year, the Bank for International Settlements said...


Hubert Védrine : cinq propositions pour sortir de la crise ukrainienne  13/03/2014

Pour l’ex-ministre des Affaires étrangères, une « désescalade » est encore possible en Crimée. Mais Poutine n’est pas le seul à devoir y mettre du sien : les Occidentaux ont aussi leur part de responsabilité...


Le Tchad réclame des milliards d’impôts à Exxon Mobile  13/03/2014

L’affaire ressemble à celle qui oppose le Gabon à Total. Mais cette fois, c’est le Tchad qui réclame plusieurs centaine de milliards d’impôts au consortium pétrolier américain ExxonMobil qui exploite le pétrole dans le bassin de Doba. L’affaire a fini en justice mais on devrait s’acheminer vers un règlement à l’amiable...


Le partenariat transatlantique risque d'accentuer les poursuites contre les États  13/03/2014

Des investisseurs réclament plus d'1,7 milliard d'euros à la Grèce, à l'Espagne et à Chypre. Le phénomène pourrait s'aggraver si l'accord du partenariat transatlantique avec les Etats-Unis était ratifié en l'état...


Oligarchs throw their weight behind Kiev's revolutionary rulers  13/03/2014

Vladimir Putin’s gambit that Russia could change the course of the Ukraine revolution at gunpoint has failed a crucial test as the country’s billionaire oligarchs line up behind Kiev...

The Telegraph

Irish economy posts shock 2.3 pct decline in fourth quarter  13/03/2014

Ireland's economy contracted by a shock 2.3 percent in the fourth quarter from the previous three months as imports surged and consumer spending fell, denting a recovery that had been gaining traction since the completion of an EU/IMF bailout last year...


Pourquoi il y a tant de commentaires pro-Poutine sur le Web  13/03/2014

Comment comprendre les centaines de commentaires pro-Poutine sur les sites d'info? Réponses avec Pierre-Henri d'Argenson, spécialiste des questions internationales à Sciences Po...

Le Figaro

Turkish police confront crowds mourning boy apparently killed by gas canister  13/03/2014

Turkish riot police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse thousands of mourners who attended a funeral march Wednesday for a 15-year old boy...


Troïka : A la place du FMI, le Parlement veut un Fonds monétaire européen  13/03/2014

Les eurodéputés ont dressé un bilan sévère de la troïka, à commencer par son opacité et le manque d'efficacité de ses politiques...

Les Echos

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GEAB N°84 - Contents

- Published on April 17, 2014 -

Europe dragged into a division of the world between debtors and creditors: the United States' desperate solutions for not sinking alone
In the present confrontation between Russia and the West over the Ukrainian crisis, the image of the Cold War inevitably comes to mind and the media are obviously fond of it. However, contrary to what it gives us to understand, it’s not Russia that seeks the return of an iron curtain but really the US. An iron curtain separating the old powers and emerging nations; the world before and the world afterwards; debtors and creditors… (page 2)
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Crisis Alert for European governance – Risk of a Very Large Separation between EU leaders/European people
The Ukrainian crisis has triggered Europe’s derailment which henceforth explodes the risk of Europe’s drift outside the future tracks of peace, independence and democracy to a worrying probability which we estimate at 85%… (page 13)

Investments, trends et recommendations
American stock exchange
European bonds
Start-ups… (page 28)

GlobalEurometre - Results and analyses
The results of these last three questionnaires are little changed, dating from the onset of the Euro-Russian crisis which has probably had the effect of diverting Europeans from the usual subjects of concern: the economy, finances and currencies…, in favour of the more geopolitical and military topics… (page 30)