Move to ban Catalan vote  30/09/2014

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has urged the country's most senior court to declare the proposed November 9 ballot illegal, paving the way for months - if not years - of constitutional deadlock...

Herald Scotland

Setback for Hollande in French Senate election  30/09/2014

France's Senate election appears to have handed the far-right National Front entry for the first time, with 2 seats. Meanwhile, the conservatives claim a Senate majority over President Francois Hollande's socialists...

Deutsche Welle

President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan Is Sworn In, Even as He Shares the Stage  30/09/2014

Mr. Ghani also declared a halt to the degeneration of relations with the United States under the departing president, Hamid Karzai, who refused to sign a long-term deal to keep American troops in Afghanistan and in his last days in office publicly blamed his allies for the country’s predicament...

New York Times

Reportage : Le Caire mène la guerre à l'athéisme  30/09/2014

Pays où la religion est omniprésente, l'Égypte voit d'un mauvais œil cette jeunesse qui, depuis la révolution de 2011, se déclare athée. Notre correspondante Sonia Dridi est partie à la rencontre de ces "vilains petits canard"...


Apple braced for explosive Brussels tax probe  29/09/2014

While Apple is no stranger to allegations of tax avoidance from politicians on the warpath, in Brussels it is facing a more worrying threat: a tax repayment order that could potentially run to billions of euros..;

Financial Times

'I could back No vote' on EU, Cameron says  29/09/2014

David Cameron has suggested that he would campaign for Britain to leave the EU if he is unable to renegotiate the country's membership terms...


World Knows Terror Bigger Threat Than Assad, Lavrov Says  29/09/2014

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s call for the U.S. to cooperate with Syria as it attacks Islamic State militants may only signal a short reprieve for embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad...


U.S. military limits warplanes used for Islamic State bombings  29/09/2014

The U.S. is relying mostly on warplanes already positioned in the region for its air war against the Islamic State, as opposed to dispatching a major buildup of aerial forces that happened in previous campaigns...

Washington Times

La Catalogne : un défi plus risqué que l’Écosse pour l'Union européenne  29/09/2014

Le "non" écossais n'a pas découragé les Catalans d'organiser le 9 novembre "leur" propre référendum d'autodétermination. Le président du gouvernement catalan Artur Mas a signé samedi 27 septembre le décret prévoyant sa tenue. Une question qui pose des problèmes immenses à l'Europe...

La Tribune

Vidéo : la Crimée à l’heure de la russification  28/09/2014

En mars 2014, la Crimée votait massivement pour un rattachement à la Russie, lors d’un référendum jugé illégal par la communauté internationale. Si la majorité des habitants sont heureux de vivre ce changement, certains se sentent comme des étrangers dans leur propre pays. Notre reporter Ksenia Bolchakova s’est rendue dans la péninsule, en pleine russification...


EU considers delaying end of mobile roaming charges  26/09/2014

The elimination of roaming fees for using mobile phones EU countries could be delayed, in what would be a win for big European telecoms operators at the expense of consumers, according to a draft EU proposal...


US - Aggressive police take hundreds of millions of dollars from motorists not charged with crimes  26/09/2014

After the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, the government called on police to become the eyes and ears of homeland security on America’s highways...

Washington Post

The most important chart about the American economy you'll see this year  26/09/2014

Pavlina Tcherneva's chart showing the distribution of income gains during periods of economic expansion is burning up the economics internet over the past 24 hours and for good reason. The trend it depicts is shocking...


Britain's blockbuster nuclear deal to get EU nod  26/09/2014

The EU will recommend approval of Britain's ambitious plan to build its first nuclear plant in a generation, with backing from French and Chinese energy giants, after ruling that it met state aid rules, a spokesman said Monday...


Le président iranien condamne l’EI tout en blâmant l’Occident  26/09/2014

Le président iranien a soufflé le chaud et le froid, jeudi, à la tribune de l'ONU, critiquant "la stratégie erronée" de l'Occident au Moyen-Orient, tout en condamnant fermement les violences commises par les jihadistes de l'organisation de l'EI...

France 24

CETA signing postponed  26/09/2014

The 35 billion dollar CETA EU-Canada trade deal won't be signed on Friday as planned. Germany called Thursday for a controversial investor protection clause to be removed, saying quote "it is utterly clear we reject these rules" and "the debate is not over by a long shot." The dispute doesn't bode well for another transatlantic trade pact, the T-Tip with the US...

Deutsche Welle

Russia, Vietnam Take Steps Toward Free Trade Zone and Currency Settlements  23/09/2014

The creation of a free trade zone between the states of the Eurasian Customs Union and Vietnam is on schedule with a contract expected in January 2015, in addition to national currency settlements, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov told reporters at a meeting of the Russian- Vietnamese intergovernmental commission on Saturday...

RIA Novosti

Kazakhstan balanced between Ukraine and post-NATO Afghanistan  23/09/2014

Looking at the neighborhood around Kazakhstan on a spinning globe, the Central Asian nation's foreign minister sees both partnerships and peril in the form of the Russian-Ukraine crisis and the coming NATO pullout from Afghanistan by year end...


Britain gives Chinese renminbi a big endorsement  23/09/2014

Britain has advanced to the forefront of efforts to promote the renminbi USDCNY, -0.03% as an international currency with Friday’s announcement that the British government will become the first Western country to issue a sovereign bond in the Chinese currency...

Market Watch

South African central bank boss to step down  23/09/2014

The South African Reserve Bank's respected governor Gill Marcus on Thursday announced that she will not stay in the job after her term expires in November...


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