UK exports fall amid crises in eurozone and Ukraine  18/09/2014

Against a backdrop of renewed stagnation in the eurozone, and escalating tension in eastern Europe and the Middle East, only 14% of firms said their export order books were above normal against 38% saying they were below normal...

The Guardian

Australia raids over 'Islamic State plot to behead'  18/09/2014

Police have carried out anti-terror raids in Sydney sparked by intelligence reports that Islamic extremists were planning random killings in Australia...


Chinese online giant Alibaba set for record £15billion stock market flotation  18/09/2014

The biggest firm you’ve never heard of is poised for a record £15.3billion stock market listing. Online giant Alibaba accounts for a staggering 80% of all internet retail sales in China, and handles more transactions than eBay and Amazon - combined...

Daily Mirror

Finnish PM faces backlash over Russia nuclear plant  18/09/2014

Finland’s new PM, Alexander Stubb, is facing a coalition split over plans for Russian firm Rosatom to build a nuclear reactor. A contact in the Green League, a junior coalition party, on Thursday (18 September) confirmed to EUobserver that it will quit if Stubb’s cabinet approves the project at a meeting later the same day...


Fed will end QE next month, 'considerable time' remains  18/09/2014

The Federal Reserve remained on its easy-money course Wednesday, allaying market fears that it might start raising interest rates sooner than expected. Chair Janet Yellen reiterated that any move in rates will be "data-dependent" and not based on a calendar projection...


The Pentagon Sent Extra Military Gear to School Districts Too  17/09/2014

The same Pentagon program that provides surplus military equipment to local police departments has also provided heavy armor and weapons to school districts, and a group of civil rights groups are calling for an end to it...

MSN Money

Emmanuel Macron, une belle gueule creuse  17/09/2014

Coup de colère de la journaliste et sociologue libanaise Nahla Chahal contre le nouveau ministre de l'Economie français. Il serait avant tout soucieux de son image et utiliserait des termes fort vagues pour présenter son projet pour la France...

Courrier International

How Scotland could lead the way towards a federal UK  17/09/2014

The Scottish independence referendum, whichever side one is on, has demonstrated the civic spirit of this country. Engaging in a mobile debate on the main street of Dunfermline or Inverness, hearing a heartfelt plea for the union from a 15-year-old schoolboy speaker at the town hall of Kirkwall, in Orkney, forceful comments on trains and trams, are testimony to the rebirth of democratic politics. Turnout at this passionate election may well exceed 80%, a figure not reached in general elections for over five decades...

The Guardian

Ukip's rise in the east of England: a world turned upside down – video  17/09/2014

In the first of a new four-part series titled Britain's in trouble, John Harris travels around Ukip's eastern heartlands and finds poverty, anger and the breakdown of normal politics. From the forgotten residents of Jaywick, England's poorest council ward, to an encounter with Nigel Farage at the Royal British Legion, he finds out how a force made up largely of Tory exiles has managed to style itself as a party for the working class...

The Guardian

Le sommet européen sur l'emploi "repoussé sine die"  17/09/2014

Le sommet sur l'emploi qui devait se tenir début octobre en Italie, à l'initiative des dirigeants italien et français, a été "repoussé sine die", selon des sources diplomatiques européennes...


EU struggling to cope with Russia food ban  17/09/2014

Agriculture commissioner Dacian Ciolos promised extra assistance in the coming days for suppliers of citrus fruit, apples, and pears at a hearing with MEPs in Strasbourg on Monday (15 September)...


Ukraine gives rebels 'special status', ratifies EU treaty  17/09/2014

Ukraine has granted semi-autonomy and amnesty to pro-Russia rebels, the same day as ratifying a strategic EU treaty. The rebels will be allowed to create their own police forces and to build closer relations with Russian regions, with local elections in December to lend weight to the separatist leaders...


Most Malta boat victims were Gaza refugees  17/09/2014

Palestinian people fleeing Israel’s occupation of Gaza were most of the victims in the Malta boat incident last week, in which hundreds were left to die by human traffickers...


UN peacekeepers withdraw from Syria-controlled sector of Golan Heights  17/09/2014

Hundreds of UN troops withdrew from the Syrian to the Israeli-occupied sector of the Golan on Monday, an AFP correspondent said, two weeks after Al-Qaeda-linked rebels kidnapped dozens of the peacekeepers...

Middle East Eye

Xi’s India visit highlights shifting relationship with Pakistan, rivalry with Japan  17/09/2014

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s trip to India this week highlights subtle shifts in the regional power dynamic that are bringing warmer ties between the two Asian giants, challenging China’s traditional relationship with Pakistan, and opening a new chapter in Beijing’s ongoing competition for influence with archrival Japan...

Japan Times

Deeper Saudi Oil Cuts Seen After Biggest Drop Since ’12: Energy  17/09/2014

Saudi Arabia will need to keep cutting oil output to sustain prices above $100 a barrel, even after the kingdom’s largest reduction in two years, according to BNP Paribas SA and Societe Generale SA...


China pumps $81 billion into major banks  17/09/2014

Officials at the Chinese central bank have been arguing that more drastic easing, such as a cut in interest rates, might cause a flood in lending that would worsen China's debt problems and put the economy at greater risk...

Market Watch

Fed exit may be bumpy ride for investors  17/09/2014

The central bank has never attempted to hike interest rates with a $4.4 trillion balance sheet. To do so, the Fed is counting on a slew of new instruments — and the liftoff still might not function properly at first...

Market Watch

Les députés votent l'interdiction de sortie de territoire pour les djihadistes présumés  17/09/2014

C'est l'une des mesures-clés du projet de loi sur la lutte contre le terrorisme. Les députés ont approuvé, mardi 16 septembre, l'interdiction administrative de sortie du territoire visant à empêcher le départ de candidats au djihad, notamment en Syrie et en Irak...

Le Monde

Britain to include China's RMB as foreign currency reserve  16/09/2014

British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced Friday that the British government intend to issue a Renminbi denominated bond and to use the proceeds to finance the government's reserves of foreign currency...


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