Residents protest police-involved shooting death of 12-year-old boy  25/11/2014

A crowd of people, including community activists and relatives and friends of 12-year old Tamir Rice, marched around the Cudell Recreation Center on Cleveland’s west side to protest his death...


Ferguson shooting: US erupts in black anger over clean chit to white cop  25/11/2014

America erupted in black fury after a grand jury chose not to indict Darren Brown, white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown after a roadside confrontation Ferguson, Missouri, in August this year...

Times of India

Russia’s biggest bank launches financing in Chinese yuan  25/11/2014

Sberbank, Russia’s largest lender, will be the first bank in the country to start issuing credit guarantees denominated in Chinese yuan. The new yuan-based letters of credit ensure payments between buyers and sellers, with the bank acting as a router...


Chinese supercomputer still top-ranked  25/11/2014

As computer professionals from around the world met in New Orleans this week for the annual Supercomputing Conference, the Tianhe-2, a supercomputer developed by China's National University of Defense Technology, was named the world's top supercomputer for the fourth consecutive time by the TOP500 organization...

China Daily

In a Shift, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan Combat  24/11/2014

President Obama decided in recent weeks to authorize a more expansive mission for the military in Afghanistan in 2015 than originally planned, a move that ensures American troops will have a direct role in fighting in the war-ravaged country for at least another year...

New York Times

More about the New European Union Ambassador David O'Sullivan  24/11/2014

A few words are necessary on his path to which investigative journalists should pay more attention. Mr. David O’Sullivan appeared on the radar of our European path at the beginning of the 90s, when he was a unit head at the Directorate General for Education running the TEMPUS programme, a programme which had been singled out by the European Court of Auditors following an open letter from Franck Biancheri denouncing embezzlement in this programme...


New European Union Ambassador David O'Sullivan Presents His Credentials  24/11/2014

Ambassador David O'Sullivan, presented his credentials to President Barack Obama at a White House ceremony today, formally assuming the role of European Union Ambassador to the United States...


Interview with Henry Kissinger: 'Do We Achieve World Order Through Chaos or Insight?'  24/11/2014

Henry Kissinger is the most famous and most divisive secretary of state the US has ever had. In an interview, he discusses his new book exploring the crises of our time, from Syria to Ukraine, and the limits of American power. He says he acted in accordance with his convictions in Vietnam...

Der Spiegel

Russia, China slate EU sanctions pressure on Serbia  24/11/2014

Russian and Chinese officials have criticised the EU for telling Serbia to align its foreign policy with Brussels concerning sanctions against Russia...

Turkish Weekly

MH17 – A Scandal In The Making  24/11/2014

According to Elsevier sources, this (secret) agreement has one condition that ensures all parties within the JIT group (including Ukraine) have the right to secrecy. In other words: if any of the parties finds that certain evidence might be damaging, it is entitled to demand complete secrecy by all JIT members...

Malaysia Today

Delta Order Affirms the Age of the Airbus A350 Is Approaching  24/11/2014

The first Airbus A350 will be delivered next month to state-owned Qatar Airways. And Delta on Thursday announced an order for 25 aircraft, meaning that unlike the 787, the A350 has collected orders from all of the big three U.S. carriers...


Why Wall Street Breeds So Many Bad Apples  24/11/2014

A group of economists at the University of Zurich began to wonder whether it was the apples or the barrel itself that was the problem. So they created a study to try to measure professional dishonesty, and then tested a group of more than 200 bankers working for a large international bank and some smaller banks...


Senate probes banks' commodity activities  24/11/2014

Parent companies of U.S. banks have become major owners of natural gas, aluminum and other commodities, a shift that raises concern about market manipulation and risk, unfair competition and higher consumer costs, a new congressional report warned Wednesday...

USA Today

No easy 'plan B' for Iran if nuclear talks with major powers collapse  24/11/2014

Another Iranian official said there are factions within Iran that are sceptical about deals with the West and prefer alignments with powers like Russia and China which have condemned unilateral U.S. and EU sanctions...


EU still undecided on France deficit  24/11/2014

Fiscal hawks and doves within the EU commission and member states continue to disagree on how to deal with France's budget deficit, seen as a credibility test for the EU...


Rightists Protest Over Poland’s Mishandling of Local Elections  24/11/2014

Protesters led by right-leaning journalists stormed the headquarters of Poland’s top electoral authority on Thursday evening, demanding local elections be held again because last Sunday’s vote led to discrepancies in the vote count...

Wall Street Journal

Italy's first woman in space arrives on board ISS  24/11/2014

A Soyuz capsule carrying astronauts from three countries has docked with the International Space Station (ISS). Among those arriving on board is Italy's first woman in space...

Deutsche Welle

Poland on the Frontlines of the Ukraine Crisis  24/11/2014

Poland is one of the countries most affected by changes in the global and regional security environment resulting from the Ukrainian crisis. ..

New Eastern Europe

Netherlands repatriates its gold from Federal Reserve  24/11/2014

In what could definitely be called a stunning move, the Netherlands has announced it has repatriated in excess of 120 tonnes of gold from the vaults of the Federal Reserve in New York to the Dutch Central Bank in Amsterdam...


Charles Enderlin : “Un Etat palestinien n’est plus possible”  24/11/2014

La ville de Jérusalem est sous tension après l’attentat du 18 novembre 2014 contre une synagogue. Le reporter Charles Enderlin y réside depuis quarante ans. Son regard sur ce nouvel accès de violence est bien sombre...


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