GEAB N°42 - Contents

- Published on February 16, 2010 -

Second half of 2010: Sudden intensification of the global systemic crisis – Strengthening of five fundamental negative trends
Our team anticipates, in this 42nd issue of the GEAB, a sudden intensification of the crisis in the second half of 2010, caused by a double effect of a catching up of events which were temporarily « frozen » in the second half of 2009 and the impossibility of maintaining the palliative remedies of past years… (page 2)
. The five characteristics which make up the « Greek case » into the tree with which one tries to hide the forest (page 5)
. Goldman Sachs’ role in this Greek tragedy… and the next sovereign defaults (page 7)
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Three fundamental trends aggravating the crisis in the second half of 2010
For LEAP/E2020, behind the « sophisticated » dissertations on the exit from the crisis and the end of the policies of support for the economy and the financial sector hides a very simple truth, but one which governments and central bankers are unable to express: they don’t know what to do? when to do it? how to do it? and if they should do it alone or with the other big global players?… (page 9)
The explosion of the bubble in public deficits and the corresponding increase in states failing to pay (page 10)
The fatal impact of the Western banking system with mounting payment defaults and the wall of maturing debt (page 13)
The inevitable rise in interest rates (page 15)

Russia: Better prepared to face the coming years than the other big global players
That may seem paradoxical, especially for those who merely read the Western media, however the country has gone through a major transition towards the world after 1945 … since 1989. Russia is, a priori, assured of a lasting period of stable central power, which is far from being the case for the other major global players… (page 17)

Strategic and operational recommendations
Currencies, Commercial real estate, Stocks, Precious metals (gold, silver, platinium…) (page 21)

The GlobalEurometre - Results & Analyses
This month’s results show the existence of very contradictory trends, with strong directional changes depending on the issues. March will show whether these changes are lasting, or simply a sign of general confusion created by media commentary which is contrary to the personal experiences of those polled… (page 22)

Mardi 16 Février 2010
Marie-Helene Caillol
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GEAB N°90 - Contents

- Published on December 15, 2014 -

Global systemic crisis 2015 – Oil, currencies, finance, societies, the Middle East : Massive storm in the Western port!

. « Global systemic crisis: the end of the West we have known since 1945 »
. The oil crisis is systemic because it is linked to the end of the all-oil era
. The US in one hell of a state
. Europe post-Ukraine: lots of questions
. Three missions for the new Europe: resolve the Ukrainian crisis, put Euro-Russian relations back on the right path, avoid a European QE
. Middle East: traditional alliances’ big waltz
. Saudi Arabia, Iran: the allies change sides
. And Western « values » in all this
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2015 – new phase of the crisis: the oil systemic crisis

. The impact of speculation
. Price War
. Systemic oil crisis and finance
. Systemic oil crisis and geopolitics

Investments, trends and recommendations

. Oil: beware!
. Energy intensive industries like airline companies
. Renewable energy: the good and the bad
. 2015: Euro & Yen rebound
. Gold: still safe

Evaluation of our anticipations for 2014
(from GEAB N° 81 in January 2014): a 69% success rate