Everything you wanted to know about GEAB...

The annual practice of the GEAB's self-assessment

Each year in December, the LEAP/E2020 team of the GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB) prepares a balance sheet of its 2012 anticipations to establish their reliability. This function, too rarely carried out by think tanks, rating agencies and other forecasting organisations, is not only useful for evaluating the...

GEAB: Its analyses are unique because LEAP/E2020 is completely independent

LEAP/E2020 is funded through GEAB subscriptions only. LEAP/E2020 doesn't receive any public or private, international, European or national money. Thanks to this situation, LEAP's work and GEAB's analyses are completely independent... a rare privilege among global think-tanks.

Practical details about GEAB...

Who are the readers of the GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin? GEAB is an affordable and regular decision and analysis support instrument intended for all those whose work involves some understanding of ongoing and future global trends seen from a European point of view: advisors, consultants, researchers, experts, heads of...

Who reads GEAB?

Politicians, public servants, businessmen, big and small investors… ! Whether it is for yourself, for your company or for your country whichever that is, each of you must deal with a small part of the ongoing global systemic transition. GEAB subscribers are from the whole world… : The twenty countries our subscribers...

What to expect from GEAB?

The GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin is the confidential letter of think-tank LEAP/Europe 2020, published in partnership with the Dutch foundation GEFIRA. As such, our aim is to provide our readers with state-of-the-art analyses of geo-political anticipation centered around the study and follow-up of the global systemic...


"I just want to thank you and the LEAP team for your spot on forecast of the events unfolding in America in 2008. I am a 22 year old college graduate who is helping his parents invest for the long term. Your free reports and honest non biased advice have proven to be very helpful as these tumultuous events have unfolded over...

GEAB is at the origin of the concept of 'global systemic crisis'

As early as February 15th, the second issue of the GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB N°2 announced that an international political, economic and monetary crisis was to be triggered in the course of the last week of March 2006. The public announcement summing up this position toured the world, raising virulent criticisms...

Dollar crisis / Euro above 1.30 USD: A message from Franck Biancheri, Director of research at LEAP/E2020

As early as mid-February this year, at a time when almost every analyst predicted an ever-rising dollar, LEAP/E2020 anticipated that the Eurodollar exchange rate would climb above 1.30 before the end of 2006, and envisaged a continued drop of the dollar’s value all through the year 2007 (read GEAB N°2 public...

LEAP/2020: Global systemic crisis September 2008 - Special announcement

As early as February 2006, the LEAP/E2020 team were the first one to send a worldwide alert on the imminence of a global systemic crisis. Since that time, month after month, they have been anticipating precisely the different stages of the unfolding crisis, as illustrated, for instance, by the September events. It was indeed in...

Three years before he died on July 2nd 2009, French prospectivist Pierre Gonod analyzed LEAP's work of anticipation

"LEAP has anticipated a "Global Systemic Crisis", its calendar and its steps. I haven't come across any such strong positioning in the microcosm of forward studies for a long time. A brave attitude contrasting with the profession's current pusillanimity. Years ago already, French forward studies have given up on global...

GEAB N°90 - Contents

- Published on December 15, 2014 -

Global systemic crisis 2015 – Oil, currencies, finance, societies, the Middle East : Massive storm in the Western port!

. « Global systemic crisis: the end of the West we have known since 1945 »
. The oil crisis is systemic because it is linked to the end of the all-oil era
. The US in one hell of a state
. Europe post-Ukraine: lots of questions
. Three missions for the new Europe: resolve the Ukrainian crisis, put Euro-Russian relations back on the right path, avoid a European QE
. Middle East: traditional alliances’ big waltz
. Saudi Arabia, Iran: the allies change sides
. And Western « values » in all this
Read the public announcement

2015 – new phase of the crisis: the oil systemic crisis

. The impact of speculation
. Price War
. Systemic oil crisis and finance
. Systemic oil crisis and geopolitics

Investments, trends and recommendations

. Oil: beware!
. Energy intensive industries like airline companies
. Renewable energy: the good and the bad
. 2015: Euro & Yen rebound
. Gold: still safe

Evaluation of our anticipations for 2014
(from GEAB N° 81 in January 2014): a 69% success rate