GEAB N°88 is available! Global systemic crisis – 2015: The world is defecting to the East

- Public announcement GEAB N°88 (October 15, 2014) - Two important facts emerge from the past four weeks’ news. First, China is becoming the world’s largest economic power, officially overtaking the US, based on GDP measured in purchasing power terms (IMF figures) of $17.61 trillion (compared to $17.4 trillion for the US). If...

Excerpt GEAB 83 (March 2014) - Eight strategic recommendations – the Ukrainian crisis, the ultimate test of Europeans’ ability to build their political union to take control of their common destiny

- Excerpt GEAB N°83 (March 15, 2014) - FIND THE INTRINSIC RESOURCES IN EUROPE TO FREE ITSELF FROM THE TRAP But if the Ukraine, a small country with a population of less than 50 million having frontiers with the two monsters of Europe and Russia, really has no other option than to “choose sides” in effect it’s not the same in...

Excerpt GEAB 81 (January 2014) – World political chaos, statistical « smog », risk that the financial planet explodes… but solutions for the future continue to emerge

- Excerpt GEAB N°81 (January 15, 2014) - Historians, who usually consider that the 19th century runs from 1815 (Waterloo) to 1914 (the First World War) would certainly define the 20th century by the period 1914-2014, ending with the year in which the old system dies whilst a new one emerges. In this New Year 2014 welcome, then,...

GEAB N°87 is available! Europe 2020 – Community or empire?

- Public announcement GEAB N°87 (September 17, 2014) - This title is inspired by Franck Biancheri first book (unpublished) written in 1992 and in which the author showed that the founding principles of the European project conceived at the end of the Second World War (a community of countries giving themselves the means to...

Far ahead the international news, thanks to the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin!

The GEAB, and five months later Le Figaro, are getting concerned about the same issues regarding Europe`s responsibilities in the Ukrainian crisis, with both relying on the same arguments: "the American obsession to make NATO advance toward Russia's borders ", " the politics of Russia`s demonization"," Russia`s surrounding"......

GEAB, N°1 online bulletin on political anticipation: One step ahead the news!

We found out yesterday (August 4th) that Chris Christie, the New Jersey Governor, during his latest town hall event in Belmar acknowledged that his state was unable to cover pension obligations. Consequently, a series of renegotiations were to come: "N.J. pension promises can`t be kept" said Christie, a courageous political...

GEAB N°86 is available! Global systemic crisis – The Major Global Geopolitical Reconfiguration

- Public announcement GEAB N°86 (June 15, 2014) - Last month our team anticipated that the Ukrainian crisis would provide the conditions for a jolt [1]. Due to lack of space and because this jolt is much more evident in the rest of the world, we tried to identify the reasons for this jolt to only from a European perspective....

Excerpt GEAB (June 2006) - EU borders - The end of the myth of eternal enlargement: Turkey-Ukraine, two countries which will not join the EU / The Balkans, last enlargement of the next 20 years / Russia, the key to solve the EU-Turkey problem

- Excerpt GEAB N°6 (15 June 2006) - The increasing difficulties of the process of Turkey entering the European Union contrasts with the progressive entry “piece by piece” of the former Yugoslavia (26) (Slovenia is already a member and Croatia is starting its integration process while proposals to integrate the other Balkan...

Excerpt GEAB 76 (June 2013) - Global systemic crisis II: second devastating explosion/social outburst on a worldwide scale

- Excerpt GEAB N°76 (15 June 2013) - A 2008 Lehman type shock, the fire’s symbolic start and especially widespread awareness of the situation, has not yet occurred. This really isn’t good news because, over time, the situation is getting worse and it’s not a shock that one must prepare for but a devastating explosion. [...]

Excerpt GEAB 75 (May 2013) - BoJ, Fed, ECB : with different methods, contrasting futures

- Excerpt GEAB nr75 of May 15, 2013 - As we see on a daily basis, central banks play a major role in the crisis’ management. In order to see the unfolding of the global systemic crisis more clearly, we must understand how they act, the limits, the advantages, and disadvantages of their interventions. We have therefore decided...

GEAB N°88 - Contents

- Published on October 15, 2014 -

Global systemic crisis–2015: The world is defecting to the East

. Middle East: US strategic impotence revealed
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. Europe, Brazil, Japan: Survival reflexes are pushing the world out of the US influence

. Europe, Russia - Setting up a Chinese-style Marshall plan

Euroland 2015 –The unbearable lightness of European taxation

. The challenge of financing public authorities

. Add a new floor to the fiscal structure, why not?

. Principles of a trans-European taxation system

. A question of democracy as well

. Europe, last floor before a worldwide system of collection

. The inadequacy of a taxation system with the nation-state at the apex

The world afterwards: towards a BRICS gold-backed multicurrency

. The remains of Bretton Woods

. The US and Europe out of the game

. Gold’s return

. The BRICS currency project

Investissements, tendances et recommendations

. Currencies: on the move again !

. Gold: return to reality

. Oil and the petrodollar: the risks are becoming clear


. Results and roundup remarks