Excerpt GEAB 89 : The oil industry crisis

- Excerpt GEAB 89 : The oil industry crisis - The current fall in oil prices squarely caused by this strategy of despair is in the process of smashing the oil/gas industry. The Ukrainian crisis, far from allowing the West to get its hands on Russia, is in the process of forcing it to rethink its dependence on Europe as a...

GEAB N°89 is available ! Global systemic crisis 2015 – Future dynamics cause Europe distance itself from the warlike rationale of the Occidental camp

- Public announcement GEAB N°89 (November 15, 2014) - Since 2006, the GEAB has analyzed the development and anticipated the next steps of what our teams have called, from the beginning, a “global systemic crisis”. No one can doubt the fact that we have really been in a “crisis” since 2008. That this “crisis” is “global” is also...

Excerpt GEAB 83 (March 2014) - Eight strategic recommendations – the Ukrainian crisis, the ultimate test of Europeans’ ability to build their political union to take control of their common destiny

- Excerpt GEAB N°83 (March 15, 2014) - FIND THE INTRINSIC RESOURCES IN EUROPE TO FREE ITSELF FROM THE TRAP But if the Ukraine, a small country with a population of less than 50 million having frontiers with the two monsters of Europe and Russia, really has no other option than to “choose sides” in effect it’s not the same in...

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The GEAB, and five months later Le Figaro, are getting concerned about the same issues regarding Europe`s responsibilities in the Ukrainian crisis, with both relying on the same arguments: "the American obsession to make NATO advance toward Russia's borders ", " the politics of Russia`s demonization"," Russia`s surrounding"......

GEAB, N°1 online bulletin on political anticipation: One step ahead the news!

We found out yesterday (August 4th) that Chris Christie, the New Jersey Governor, during his latest town hall event in Belmar acknowledged that his state was unable to cover pension obligations. Consequently, a series of renegotiations were to come: "N.J. pension promises can`t be kept" said Christie, a courageous political...

Excerpt GEAB (June 2006) - EU borders - The end of the myth of eternal enlargement: Turkey-Ukraine, two countries which will not join the EU / The Balkans, last enlargement of the next 20 years / Russia, the key to solve the EU-Turkey problem

- Excerpt GEAB N°6 (15 June 2006) - The increasing difficulties of the process of Turkey entering the European Union contrasts with the progressive entry “piece by piece” of the former Yugoslavia (26) (Slovenia is already a member and Croatia is starting its integration process while proposals to integrate the other Balkan...

15/01/2013 - A recommendation to Euro-BRICS leaders: Organize a mini Euro-BRICS Summit, ahead of the St Petersburg G20, in order to develop common strategic positions to exit the crisis and bring global governance into the XXI° century

- Excerpt GEAB N°71 (January 16, 2013) - As a result of the 3rd Euro-BRICS seminar organized by LEAP in partnership with MGIMO in Cannes on September 27-28, 2012, the experts from Euroland and BRICS countries who gathered for the occasion, wished to give their leaders a series of arguments in favour of holding a mini-Euro-BRICS...

Advice to the G20 leaders: The G20’s three strategic priorities in 2012/2014 to avoid a « tragic decade »

- Excerpt GEAB N°57 (September 16, 2011) - On March 29, 2009, Franck Biancheri signed an open letter in the Financial Times international edition from LEAP/E2020 to the G20 leaders who were going to meet in London the next week. In its introduction, this text predicted that if the three recommendations it contained were not...

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Reminder - Open letter / London G20 Summit: Last chance before global geopolitical dislocation

Open letter to the G20 leaders, published in the Financial Times' worldwide edition on 03/24/2009 Ladies and Gentlemen, Your next summit takes place in a few days in London; but are you aware that you have less than a semester to prevent the world from plunging into a crisis that will take at least a decade to resolve,...

GEAB N°89 - Contents

- Published on November 15, 2014 -

Global systemic crisis 2015 – The dynamics of the future distance Europe from the rationale of a Western camp war
What Alibaba’s stock exchange IPO tells us
Chinese-style globalization resumes
Europe-Russia: how much longer will we be the fall-guy?
Europe in full denial of reality
EU-Russia energy dependence
Towards an unblocking of the Ukrainian crisis
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The curtain is rising on the shale oil scam
Revolution or scam?
Fracking and covering the tracks
From a global petrodollar market to a closed Western petrodollar submarket
The oil industry crisis2015 : major risk in the oil markets
2015 : major risk in the oil markets

Decoding: The flow of money
The carry-trade
Easy profit…
… risky profit
Emerging markets
Japan and Europe as the saviors of the Dollar

Investments, trends and recommendations

Global Eurometer
Results and analysis : Roundup remarks November 2014